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Based in Fareham, we are one of the largest outboard and rib centrers in Hampshire. 
With multi dealerships, an authorised workshop and on-site mechanics we are able to offer support and advice to our customers. Our shop is situated at the workshop so you can ask technical advice as well as being able to see our stock of engines and make inquires about parts from our spares customer support counter.
Used regularly by over 2,500 boating enthusiasts from across the country we sell outboards, ribs and dinghies. We have a large stock of spare parts for all makes of outboard engines.
Whether your outboard needs a routine service or emergency repair, you can trust our qualified engineers. We're a family-owned, authorised dealership, one of the largest on the south coast. We still value customer care, value for money, honesty and integrity.
We sell, service & repair outboard engines. We take in part exchanges, & sell secondhand engines.
We have a good stock of fast moving spares - all those thing you need to service the engine yourself.
We offer a spares enquiry service  where we can find the correct spare part for your engine.
We sell to individual customers, trade customers, sailing clubs & schools so we try & offer a fast efficient service!
We know this is a leisure industry and so try to cater to our customers. With services like same day engine service (50hp & above) or 7 day turn around for smaller engines. You can count on us - to help you with service work or spare parts to make it easier for you to get out on the water. We have easy parking here, access to come up by water. Dry and pontoon storage facilities.
We feel it is important you use an authorised dealership as you know that your engine will be looked after by mechanics that have been trained by the outboard manufacturers - courses have to be attended each year to keep our dealerships valid - no guesswork- we use specialists tools needed to do the work properly, and the correct technical information to make sure your engine is serviced or repaired correctly - first time. Most outboard manufacturers ask their dealerships to log ownership and outboard service history on their web database so that you get the full back up from the manufacturer. Especially important with larger engines that now have technical updates with their software.
We believe if you are paying for the service you should get it done properly &professionally!
We are also the main point of contact for Solent Ribs.
We build our own ribs British build from scratch - custom made for our customers.
Our experience with the rib business means we can offer a high level of expertise on rib rigging work.
Engines are often half the cost of the rib! So it needs to be set up on the boat correctly, the right height, the correct steering for that engine, the correct propeller, professional electronic wiring for all those gadgets!
We do rigging work for individuals who have either bought a new boat or are just upgrading their engine.
We also do rigging for trade customers - boat builders & importers.
We have the facilities and the expertise phone or email us for a quote.
We are the next to Fareham Marina, the marina office is located at Fairweather Marine. Please call for details of mooring available at the marina.